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folder lock software Don't let others invade your privacy by snooping over your files and photos!

Discover a Competitive, yet Affordable Folder Lock Software That Allows You To Hide Files On Your Computer!

Do you need to hide files and folders and prevent any onlookers from checking out your stuff?  Then check out this Secret File Software.

Hide My Files, is a folder lock that will hide files and folders on your computer.  Hide My Files provides an easy to use tree view interface that allows you to select the folders in which you choose to lock users from viewing or accessing.  It features built-in password protection, thus enabling you as the only one who can lock folders and unlock folders on your computer.  Hide My Files is an absolute must have folder lock program that will provide you with the protection, security, and confidence that you need.  Our folder security software will allow you to easily hide files along with your most sensitive and important data.  If you have important pictures, photos, mp3s, or even porn on your computer, don't rest unless Hide My Files has completely locked the folders which will prevent others from viewing it!


Hide files Hide files and folders with one click

Folder lock You are the only one that can access your folders

hide file Not only does the software hide files and folders, but it will prevent access to them in DOS and also prevent the Windows search/find utility from displaying them.

lock folders with Hide My Files Program does not modify file system structure

folder lock software Password protection for program start

folder lock program Provides a high level of information security

hide folders Easy-to-use tree view interface

hide folders and filesFull Windows platforms compatibility

Hide files and folders NTFS, FAT32 and FAT file systems are supported

folder lock
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Requirements: Win 9x/ME/2000/XP

If you are using Windows 7, click here.


Hide Files and Folders

Windows 7 Users: Hide files and folders in Windows 7 with this folder hider.

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